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Rapier tape products

Rapier Factory of Xi’an Sunward Aeromat Co. Ltd was entrusted to develop the non-metal flexible rapier by Weaving Industry Department in 1986. In 1990, the non-metal flexible rapiers have passed the new production assessment by the Weaving Industry Department, CASC and Shaanxi Government. Our products have gained the silver medal of high-tech products.


  Rapier is the key points of weaving machine. This product owns the heavy specific stiffness and hardness, and can keep the stability of operation. Rapier owns the good toughness, which keep the rapier not to breakdown under working condition. The products have the long using time to promise the cycling work.
  We have been praised by the public since coming into market due to the fact that we reproduced the imported rapier components to fill in this domestic technology blank. Our products have a wide sale range in China, and it also export in Southeast Asia.

Recent years, we develop the new products of FATS, K88 and Benteng, and open a new time that top rapier was manufactured in our own country.

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