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Composite Vessel Factory of Xi’an Sunward Aeromat Co.,Ltd, which is a branch unit of Xi’an Sunward Aeromat Co. Ltd, was established in 1999 and was one of the earliest enterprises that were engaged in developing water treatment vessels of glassed steel wound. Using the leading wound equipment and technology from Aerospace Composite Materials Institute, the factory succeeds in developing HTCOMA water treatment vessels.


  For years, we implement the enterprise standard formulated by ASME. Each HTCOMA vessel entering into market should be passed the strict quality management and water pressure test in order to guarantee the product quality and reliability.
  HTCOMA is professionally engaged in producing water treatment vessels, sand filters, mixed-bed, water distributor, brine tank, water tank and many kinds of products.
  HTCOMA is the sole factory that can produce glassed steel vessel of 3 meter diameter.
  HTCOMA is the senior business experts, and it can offer the sale and technical supports of FLECK and AUTOTROL controlling valve.
  HTCOMA owns the tremendous marketing network, and the products cover a wide sale range as Taiwan, Malaysia, Russia and other regions and countries. And it also offer the convenient sale and after services. 
  HTCOMA adapts to the principle of creation, faith and customer supremacy, and offers high-quality products and high-class services to meet the customer’s requirements. 
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