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Tianhua Chemical Catalyst Division which founded in 1993 is attached to Xi’ an Sunward Aeromat Co., Ltd .It mainly produces industrial catalyst for petrochemical industry, including desulfurization catalyst, hydrogenation conversion catalyst, de-COS catalyst, antichlor catalyst, de-arsenic Catalyst, shift catalyst, methanol synthesis catalyst and methanation catalyst.


  Tianhua Chemical Catalyst Division has been dedicated to provide the customers with high quality products and excellent service for over eighteen years. The products attain the leading level at home in performance and specifications, and have found application in more than 70 petrochemical enterprises in China. The company has become the second class network supplier of catalysts for China Petrochemical Corporation and Petro China Company Limited and enjoys good reputation in the field.
  The company has established ISO 9001 quality system 、ISO14001 environment management system and the OHMSM  (Occupational Health and Safety Management System).
  Xi’ an Sunward Aeromat Co., Ltd always insists on meeting the customer’s requirements and satisfying the clients. It is engaged in integrating kinds of technical resources and establishing the perfect service procedure and network. Through providing the whole solution and all-round top-notch services, it will create more value for the customers.


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