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CRA Clad/Lined Steel Pipe

Economic Use
  CRA clad or lined steel pipe can be equally allocated pressure to backing material & corrosion-resisting to layer. Material combinations dramatically reduce the cost. Furthermore, cost effectiveness increases as length grows, and operational expenses are lower than corrosion inhibitor in a long period.


  Regarding corrosion environment, CRA clad or lined steel pipe selects suitable corrosion resisting alloy or stainless steel as layer, totally owns the performance like CRA materials. Comparing with inhibiter, this solution avoids the risk resulted in complicated management process, and it guarantees operational safety.

Innovative Technology
  Underwater deflagrating technology with owned intellectual rights is an instant forming technique that makes layer aligned inside backing pipe by internal expansion, and bonding strength is higher. This technology keeps stability of physical & chemical properties for backing pipe and layer during manufacture.

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